My name is Gigi Moldovan. In April of 1990 I came to Canada - I was 19 years old, had $50 in my pocket and a handful of dreams. Since I could not speak english I started by washing dishes, delivering pizza, working in orchards, landscaping, painting...

I decided I could learn English at the rate of 3 words a day by opening my dictionary, writing down 3 new words on a sticky note, and posting them on my car sunvisor as I delivered pizzas every day for 3 years.

Today, my wife Lyne and I own a business worth $2 Million with a yearly cash flow of over $200,000.

Let me tell you just a little bit about it.

There are a lot of home-based business opportunities out there, but not too many that people can call "home".

There are a lot of companies, but very few have a heart. A lot of them have mission statements, but very few are mission-driven.

Years ago, when building a home-based business, Lyne and I never realized how important these subtle differences were. We bought into future predictions instead of present facts. Consequently we lost money, time, belief, and ultimately, heart.

One thing we never lost was hope.

We knew one thing; we wanted to have our own business, and above all, we never wanted to work for anybody else EVER again.

So when this opportunity found us, it was quite a process for us to regain confidence. Working with a team of great people, we started implementing sound business principles.

We saw that there was no risk of losing relationships, credibility and trust, and where nobody could get hurt. We kept on telling everyone that the closer they would look at our company and it's products, the better it would get, and the more impressed they would be.

And so we invite you to gather your own facts and do your own research. You'll discover leaders with a vision, and management committed to a mission. You'll find a company with a real future, based on an impressive past and an outstanding present. And most of all, you'll find products that will bring value to your life!

We are proud to be part of something that is much bigger than us, and gives us the opportunity to bring our contribution.

What about you?
What goals and dreams do you have?
What actions have you taken?
Have you bought into the philosophy of getting a little bit better every day?

One of the most powerful phrases I have ever heard goes back to the 1930's: "I think I can..., I think I can..., I think I can!"

Remember the little engine that could?

Can you? Of course you can!!
Should you? Why not!!
Will you? Now that is a question that remains unanswered by most people I meet.
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