You have or are developing the following qualities:
  • you want to pay off your home in half the time
  • you're looking for a change
  • you're open and excited about starting your own business
  • you have a great work ethic
  • you're teachable
  • you're entrepreneurial
  • you're not afraid to go for it and try new things
  • you're excited about a new career opportunity
  • you wonder how high you can reach, how far you can go and how much you are worth
  • you have more questions than answers
  • you're a person of integrity, character, high morals and ethics
  • you're principle driven
  • you have a vision
  • you're self motivated with a desire to learn and be your best
  • you're willing to stretch and push yourself
  • you're a "yes, can do, no problem, no matter what" kind of person
  • "yes" is your favorite word. It describes your attitude
  • the pull of the future is stronger than the pain of today
  • you don't have a "now" attitude, you have a RIGHT NOW attitude
  • you have a big heart; you care for others
  • you're a reader and a leader
  • you have led other leaders
  • you are passionate
  • you have a big why
  • you're working harder on yourself than on your job or business
  • you believe that success is a process not an event
  • you're serious about eliminating your debt
  • you have goals
If that sounds like you, or who you're becoming, then let's talk!

- Gigi Moldovan
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